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The 5th chakra known as Throat Chakra is located at the base of the neck.

This is the 1st spiritual chakra and it represents your true, authentic voice. This is where faith & understanding combine.

This energy point vibrates light blue

When the Throat Chakra is out of harmony we have difficulty speaking our truth, one may feel silenced & may even feel out of alignment with who we are.

An unbalanced throat chakra can manifest as physical & mental issues such as raspy voice, sore throat, mouth ulcers, stiff neck, thyroid problems, scoliosis, the inability to follow one’s dream, addiction, and even lack of faith.

When our throat is in harmony our will to live is strong & we’re able to follow our dreams.

We say what we mean & mean what we say!



Our THROAT CHAKRA HEALING CANDLE  is amazingly scented with Peppermint to promote self-expression and invigorate the mind, Chamomile a wonderfully calming herb meant to relax the body, making it helpful for those who suffer from anxiety, which can impair the ability to speak your truth. Rosemary/Eucalyptus perfect for treating physical symptoms which may arise through an unbalanced throat chakra. These are powerful oils to help boost our immune systems & is one of the most useful to have around when struck by a cold/sore throat.

Topped with Butterfly Pea a healing plant whose energetic properties open communication in your life, allow you to see the truth of your reality, Lemon Slices, Chamomile to inspire understanding of multi-dimensionality & connect to higher beings, Angels & God & Sage ~ the ultimate cleansing herb, this herb removes any negative energy allowing for more clear communication.🔵

& Charged w| Lapis Lazuli to re-balance, Aquamarine to help heal trauma and promote one to express their thoughts, & Turquoise to calm nervous system and promote emotional balance.

As you light your candle, speak the affirmation on the front label & focus on your personal intentions. Allow candle to burn as long as you feel necessary and snuff out the flame (with our candle snuffers) when you are ready to put it out. This will provide the best results.

(Never blow out the flame)

Speak your truth openly & honestly today with

Our Throat Chakra Healing Candle.


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