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THIRD EYE CHAKRA HEALING CANDLE  is intentionally scented w| Lavender, Sandalwood which brings a sense of clarity and calmness & Clary Sage to clear out negative energies & balance hormonal issues.This special blend will provide a grounding atmosphere each time you light it.

Topped w| Violet, Jasmine & Sage

& Charged with Fluorite to stimulate the mind, speed up learning and enhance focus, Labradorite which awakens intuition, physic abilities. This stone is said to hold the power of the Universe. Clear Quartz, this crystal amplifies all energy (making it very important to focus on your intentions) & Amethyst a healing crystal used to connect to the divine. Well known for bringing one into a relaxed, yet focused state. Ultimately this healing candle will bring you into heightened awareness.

The 6th Chakra is known as The Third Eye.
This is our 2nd spiritual chakra & represents our sixth sense ~ the center of our wisdom, spiritual insight & intuition 🔵 

This energy point vibrates indigo 

When your third eye is out of balance one may not be able to concentrate, & may have difficulty connecting with the world. 

This imbalance can manifest as physical & mental issues such as brain tumors, stroke, blindness, deafness, blurred vision, intellectual inabilities, difficulty telling the truth, and spinal difficulties. 

When our Third Eye is balancedopen we are able to use our intuition to see past the physical.

“I See…” Affirmations 

As you light your candle, speak the affirmation on the front label & focus on your personal intentions. 

To prevent blowing away blessings, ALWAYS snuff out the flame w| our Candle Snuffer 

This will provide the best results.


Allow our Third Eye Healing Candle assist you in seeing your life’s purpose more clearly 🌀

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