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To sell anything online, you need high-quality marketing.

The Digital Marketing Blueprint contains information to help anyone from beginners in the online space to business owners trying to expand their social media reach. This Book will teach you the tedious details of social media marketing, e-mail automation, and growing brand from Step 1.

This course also includes a digital weekly planner, daily mindset check ins, Q&A, along with a supportive community of like-minded individual and a video webinar of the information you learned.

I recommend this blueprint if you haven't sold anything online yet


  • A clear and authentic growth strategy. 
  • A Sales Funnel Guide to help attract your dream audience
  • 10 Ideas to help you create content that will grow your instagram and expand your business
  • Digital Marketing strategies
  • Done For You Product Guide
  • Instagram Story Challenges to help you understand how to nurture your leads and convert them
  • Scroll stopping hooks to increase your views
  • Ways To Repurpose All Content

Everything you need to know to build a high-quality brand and sell online successfully! Your social media platform is one of the most important assets you have because it appreciates the value of everything else tracked to the name.


  • You want to increase sales for your online business or digital products
  • You want to grow a social media presence
  • You have a physical business you want to convert or expand online
  • You're a beginner in the online space looking for an additional stream of income


  • Over 130 comprehensive tips and strategies for social media, marketing, branding & the sales process.
  • Community Conversation


  • Building Your Sales Funnel: We know building a funnel is tedious so we've included a free template in this course that you can simply download & edit. Want to create your own? This module will teach you how to do that with step-by-step instructions.
  • Branding: Everything you do with your business online starts with your brand! Learn how to build a remarkable brand that will gain you influence, connect with your audience & increase sales!
  • How to Launch: This module details our 6-step method for launching something new to your social media audience. There's an art to it & we've got it down! You can use this strategy to launch your Resell Rights or any other business venture
  • Instagram: They say Instagram is the new resume, at least for online businesses! So let's set yours up for success. This module has over 16 slides showing you how to master reels, your bio, highlights, engagement strategies & more!
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies 
  • YouTube Marketing Strategies 

Utilize this to master Digital Marketing and E-commerce. This guide will show you how to create a platform that draws in your target audience and allows you to showcase your products or services. As well as, the value your brand brings to the table. Utilize this guide if you’d like to grow you skills in selling online or via your own website.

 E-commerce is generally more convenient and more accessible than maintaining a store-front, this is why it is essential to have an online presence 


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