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Product: Selenite Bowl  

Purpose: Serenity, Purification, Peace

Product Description:  Selenite helps to align, remove blockages, and improve both upward and downward energetic flow. Using this bowl can clear, clean, and energize other crystals, jewelry, objects, persons, and environments simultaneously, & is a wonderful tool for energetic + healing activities.
* Works well in connection with Hematite & Black Tourmaline to increase the range and power of intuition and meditation practices.*

Size & shape may vary from picture due to each stone being unique in color and form. All of our crystals are ethically & naturally sourced from various places around the world. 


Chakra Association: Crown 

Zodiac Association : Taurus

Key Benefit: In order for your crystals to vibrate at their highest capacity, they need to be cleansed & charged. There is no easier way to do it than by placing your beloved stones and jewelry into a Selenite Charging Bowl.

This beauty is as gorgeous as it is function!

• provides support to ‘clear your mind’, sharpen your awareness & allow you to see the truth by connecting you to a higher consciousness

• brings strength in decision-making & heightens self-awareness

• used to provide protection from negative energy to create a safe & peaceful atmosphere


• allows for energy to flow more freely



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