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 Our Sacral Chakra Healing Candle is intentionally scented with Sweet Orange, Rose and Sandalwood. This special blend will help us use emotions to connect with others without losing our own identity & freely express our creative selves. 

Topped with Lily & Orange Calendula, which helps balance the sacral chakra. These flowers enhance your creativity and sense of intimacy/companionship with your partner & within yourself. Cinnamon to add romance to your life.

This amazing natural healing candle is charged with Citrine, an amplifying Crystal that helps with self-esteem, self image, creativity and manifesting new beginnings. Tiger’s Eye, a manifestation stone that absorbs negative energy & helps with self-worth, self-love, and achieving goals. Carnelian, a sacred crystal known to help with courage and determination. This crystal also helps return passion to relationships.

 The 2nd chakra known as the Sacral Plexus Chakra is located 2 inches below your belly button. This is the center of your life force.

This energy point vibrates orange,

>> it governs your emotions, creativity, sensitivity/sexuality, intimacy, your emotional well-being, and self expression.

When it is unbalanced one will feel emotionally & physically weak, resulting in the fear of losing control of a relationship & may even result one having compulsive or obsessive behavior.

This can manifest as physical and psychological issues; for example, digestive, abdominal, and sexual organ issues.

As you light your candle, speak the affirmation on the front label & focus on your personal intentions. 

To prevent blowing away blessings, ALWAYS snuff out the flame w| our Candle Snuffer 

This will provide the best results.

Allow creative energy to flow within you with our Sacral Plexus Chakra Healing Candle

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