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 If you want to call new + passionate love into your life, or invigorate an existing love - PURE LOVE is just for you!

This Manifestation Candle is Infused with the ultimate flower of passion - Hibiscus 🌺 & The Sensual, Love-Drawing Flower Rose.
This amazing blend is an aphrodisiac that draws in love, courage & harmony within your romantic life 💕

Use if your relationship is going through a rough patch & could use a bit of sweetness/romance or if you need to ignite the fire of intimacy within your relationship.

Pure Love can also be used to attract a true love into your life - Meaning, you are calling love into your life overall, not a specific person.



When lighting this candle set your own personal intentions. Try not to focus on the “how’s”, instead, reflect on the purpose that drives you & use that as your compass 💕

* You’re intention is the most powerful ingredient, this will help you with manifesting your personal desires.

Allow your candle to burn as long as you feel necessary & create your own routine. As always with manifestation candles, snuff out the flame when you are ready to put it out.
This will provide the best results. 🔥❤️

(Blowing out the candle essentially blows away the intention)


Pink: Welcomes love both for self and others. Promotes joy, friendship, and harmony


Pink candles are known to promote love & sexuality as well as self-love and appreciation. Dim the lights & light our Pure Love Candle and you’ve got a recipe for a romantic evening, whether it's going to be with a partner or yourself.








*If you’re looking for reconciliation with a specific person or have a specific target work with our

Be Mine Intention Candle.


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