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Quantum Feels



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Burn this dual-purpose candle to protect from ill intention and to return negativity back to the sender.

 This defensive candle cleanses your space provides an aromatic atmosphere 

Specially formulated to assist in protecting yourself, loved ones, our home, business, property & finances ~ all while removing negative energy, exhaustion and things that do not serve you. 

The negative energies in the world are real & although they may not always be transparent they eventually start to affect us <<

When negative energies take over, it seems as though everything we try gives negative results and this can lead to common stress and anxiety.

The elements of a protection candle are perfect to help fight that negativity.

Candle Color Meaning - 

the symbolism of black candles is much deeper than most realize. candles of this color can be used to cleanse out negative energy + increase inner strength.

Be sure to release that worry & fear once you’ve extinguished the candle.


It is known that black candles are associated with Saturn. Saturdays are the days of Saturn making it best to burn this candles on Saturday.
• This is a perfect way to create your own personal routine with your candle •


Topped With:

Clear Quartz are one of the most dynamic crystals, it is helpful in both deflecting negativity + attracting positivity. It is also very impressionable, so it's important to set a clear & direct intention when you're working with this stone.


SAGE is used to cleanse a person or space. It is known to promote healing + wisdom & aids in releasing negativity.

PALO SANTO is believed to clear negative energy & restore tranquility while calming emotions. 

ROSEMARY represents clarity. It protects against evil spirits & can be used to cleanse a space of negative energy.
BASIL is considered to be a sacred herb and is traditionally kept in the home to protect against evil. It is also believed to have wonderful healing properties & purification. It is also widely used as a fumigating herb, known to remove spirits from a home

LEMONGRASS expels negativity energy, provides protection & balance within your space, and enhances mental clarity

EUCALYPTUS is used to cleanse a person or specific place & rid the premises of any evil entities

CHARCOAL absorbs bad energy & wards off evil entities 


As with all manifestation candles, focus on your personal intention while lighting & create your own personal routine. This will strengthen the bond between yourself and the elements around you leading to greater results. 

To prevent blowing away blessings, ALWAYS snuff out the flame w| our Candle Snuffer 

This will provide the best results.



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