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Luxe Lip Scrub

Luxe Lip Scrub

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On a mission to find a lip scrub that’s 100% natural? You’ve come to the right place! This buffing miracle worker is made with pure sugar and plant-derived butters to effectively smooth and moisturize your lips.

Coming to the rescue of chapped, textured, and discolored lips, this exfoliating scrub is the key to ultra-smooth, brighter-looking lips. It is formulated with a unique blend of nourishing ingredients, and it’s infused with vitamins E + C to protect and perfect your kisses.

Available in 2 deliciously scented variations:

'Lemon + Turmeric' or 'Strawberry Champagne',  take your pick & enjoy it's many benefits

How to use:

Our Luxe Lip Exfoliator will give your lips a lighter appearance by scrubbing off the dead skin and revealing lighter, more supple lips. 

  • Take a small amount out of lip scrub (we recommend using our Double-Sided Silicone Lip Scrubber)
  • Lightly pass it through water to activate the scrub
  • In a circular motion, start scrubbing your top lip gently. Work your way to the bottom lip, once you complete the bottom lip
  • Rinse scrub off with warm water.
  • Pat Dry. Step
  • *Apply a our moisturizing chap stick for greater results

Key Ingredient Benefits:

This super-food will give you super skin. Turmeric is known to reduce dark patches & impact a glow to the skin. It speeds up the skin’s ability to form new and healthy tissue, ultimately promoting growth of collagen.

Lemon brightens dark spots and blemishes. Lemon juice naturally contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps reduce skin damage and premature aging. The abundant vitamin C content in lemon increases collagen production, which restores skin elasticity for a smoother, brighter, younger-looking glow.

Brown Sugar has anti-bacterial properties that shield the skin from harmful toxins. It will gently exfoliate + soften your lips while drawing in moisture from the environment.

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