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Radiate courage, confidence & mindfulness when you light Our Heart Chakra Healing Candle.

This beautiful candle is scented w| Rose to inspire feelings of love, romance, & beauty. The saying “stop and smell the roses” reminds us that nature connects us to our higher selves. Lavender, this therapeutic scent brings harmony, balance & support to your chakra center. Jasmine & Geranium promotes self love & sensuality.

This candle is topped with Rose Petals to encourage love towards others & ourselves. Chamomile to inspire compassion. & Jasmine to enhance the desire to work toward enlightenment via the path of the heart

Charged w| Green Aventurine, a healing crystal that strengthens & stabilizes us. This crystal provides an energetic support structure that helps us move into & through new ­experiences with grace, stamina and perseverance. Rose Quartz, an amplifying crystal that vibrates at an energetic frequency of 350Hz, when you make contact with this frequency, it's known to elevate & harmonize your heart energy center.
Fluorite & Clear Quartz, these crystals works with every type of energy to amplify properties of all other stones



The 4th chakra, is known as the Heart Chakra. This point is located at the center of the breast bone.

The Heart Chakra represents love, as well as forgiveness, conflict resolution, compassion, & loyalty.

This energy point vibrates green 💚  


This the meeting place of all the other chakras, the connection between the lower more ‘primal’ or physical chakras & the three ‘higher’ more ethereal/mental chakras, making it the power center of the body.

An unbalanced heart chakra can manifest as physical & emotional issues such as rib, lung, and love issues.

When Our Heart Chakra is balanced we embody the qualities of nurturing, compassion, & empathy. We are able to be vulnerable with our lovers & we will have healthy relationship with ourself.

As you light your candle focus on your personal intentions 💚

Allow candle to burn as long as you feel necessary & snuff out the flame (with our candle snuffers) when you are ready to put it out. This will provide the best results.

(Never blow out the flame) 


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