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This amazing Chakra Healing Candle is scented w| Frankincense, this aromatic resin is considered one of The Most Holy & Precious in the world. Frankincense helps you reach a tranquil state of mind & gives you the ability to read environmental energy. 

Lavender, a healing herb known to nourish all chakras & promote calmness. Sandalwood, a sacred wood which brings wisdom & quiets mental chatter & Clary Sage to reduce confusion.

Topped w| Colorful Chrysanthemum to calm uncertainties, Purple Statice to inspire & enhance psychic ability & spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, grounding, & Violet for protection.

This healing candle is charged w| Amethyst, a crystal known to help along one’s  spiritual path, Fluorite, a clarity stone & Clear Quartz, an amplifying crystal known to assist the work of the other crystals 


The 7th chakra, known as the Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head.

This energy point vibrates Purple, White, & Gold 

>> It represents our wisdom & being one w| the world. 

When this chakra is unbalanced one may have lack of self-awareness, this may lead to depression, fatigue, frustration & even skin conditions such as eczema. 

To unblock the crown chakra you must let go of attachments (people, places, things) in the material realm. Improving this chakra clears up confusion, improves mood, & drives life force energy to the other chakras.

When balanced one will have strong faith, universal love, wise understanding, & intelligent awareness.

As with all manifestation candles, focus on your personal intention while lighting & create your own personal routine. This will strengthen the bond between yourself and the elements around you leading to greater results. 

To prevent blowing away blessings, ALWAYS snuff out the flame w| our Candle Snuffer 

This will provide the best results.



Trust your intuition & allow our healing candle into your life 💜

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