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Quantum Feels



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Solar Plexus

You are so much more than just a body.
You are a mind filled with emotions + deep feelings & you have a spiritual aspect, often referred to as your higher-self.

>> Energy flows between these 3 aspects of you.

To be truly healthy in every way it is essential to tend to ALL 3 aspects. 

>>> There are 7 main chakras centers in our bodies.
These are energy points that spin at the frequency they vibrate.
These chakra centers are the 
Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye, & Crown. 
For energy to be balanced, you need to absorb energy when it is excessive, increase energy when there is too little, & remove blockages where energy cannot flow.
This will allow you to vibrate at a frequency that is aligned with optimal health.
As particles of energy vibrate,
it is our thoughts, feelings & actions that can alter these vibrations.
By changing the way we think we will change the frequency of the vibrations.
This in turn will change what you attract to you in your life.

Our CHAKRA HEALING BATH CRYSTALS were specially formulated to adjust energy flow in all these ways to help you reach your Highest Self.

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