About The Company

Welcome to Quantum Feels,
Home of Herbs, Candles & Everything Wellness 🤎

QUANTUM FEELS is a Natural Healing Brand I, Brittany B. created to naturally align our mind, body, and soul.

Each and every product is created with intention and hand-crafted with love. I’ve researched and specially formulated each product to heal our bodies, transform our minds, & uplift our spirits.

My goal is to spread the importance Self Love, Self Care and Self Awareness through natural healing products, such as candles and bath and body care.
I want each of us to hone in on our talents and fall deeply in love with our natural being to create a better world for ourselves and the future generations 🤞🏽

My Brand only utilizes natural, Earth grown products through our Home of Herbs™ to bring you superior products that will provide years of enjoyment.

>> These ingredients are combined to remove blockage and create balance within yourself.

When you shop our products you’ll promote a greater flow of harmony in your life and gain knowledge of natural wellness resources.

Thank you for choosing Quantum Feels & supporting our growing business.

Love Always,
Brittany B.